About Me

I am a 12 year old boy living in Brooklyn, NY. My father's brother is letting me have an account on the site, lk.net. You can learn about him here
I have a chromebook which I got when I was 10, a Raspberry pi, and a Makey-Makey for fun projects.
I like programming, especially web programming and stuff. I am best at HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but I also know a little ruby.
I also really like skiing and I think I am really good at it. I have visited Mt.Tremblant, and Elk mountain, but I mostly ski on a small mountain called Ski Big Bear, in pennsylvania.
I really like just surfing the internet and making stuff.
I go to school at Brooklyn School Of Inquiry(BSI, PS/IS 686) and am in the 6th grade. This is me:


Email me: [email protected]
Me on Youtube!