DrawAnim Instructions

DrawAnim is a tool for recording your drawing. In order to start recording, press . The slider on the top dictates the frame rate at which your drawing is being captured.

Using the buttons on the bottom of the frame you can change the color of your pen, make your pen an eraser, clear the drawing screen, change the background, or change the width of your pen. It is pretty self-explanatory.

When you are done recording, press the stop button. From there you can play back your recording, or start over if need be. It is a KNOWN BUG that the play button may take more than one press to use. No complaining!

The button will make a Gif of your drawing. You should only press it when you are done. The encoding process takes a bit so sit back and relax. You shouldn't really make a gif over 3 frames per second because otherwise it might take a long time to load. Then you can download your gif and share it with your friends!

TIP: you can change the frame rate after recording to make the playback faster or slower (like a speed draw or slo-mo).

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