About call of the dark spirits

Call of the dark spirits was a game that was made to specifically be for indoor recess. This game started when we thought of a good card game. Call of the dark spirits is a basic game and easy to play. At first we were thinking about a card game called magic and we know a really good card game that our school plays alot called Pokemon. So we decieded to make a card game. It was a mixture of those card games. Well enough of all that flashback! Lez talk about how to play!
How to play

Well in the game there is mana and there are creatures. On the top of the card you can see the name of the creature or mana and on the left you can see the Health Points. Then under that you can see the it says "Type:..." This is the mana you need to cast the creature on the battlefield. Then under the Type you can see that there is a picture. And then the attack on how much damage it deals. You can swing the creature and it will damage by reducing the opponent's Health Points. When you swing, you have to turn the creature sideways. The total amount of Health Points you have is 20. When you run out of Health Points you lose.