For community service, I made 4 videos to teach people to respect materials here they are:
  1. Respect Your Materials: Pens/Pencils
  2. Respect Your Materials: Notebooks/Folders
  3. Respect Your Materials: Paper
  4. Respect Your Materials: Books
  5. Respect Your Materials: Computers

My inspiration

The last couple school years I really didn't like that people were disrespecting our classroom materials. Last year, all of the pencils were dissapearing. The pencil cases were cracked and broken to pieces. We never had a roll of tape. People's notebooks were ripped apart, their folders filled with doodles and ripped in half. I really tried to stop this, even putting a postit saying "Please only take one pencil" but that quicly dissapeared, ripped apart and thrown out. I was working so hard, but nothing changed. Now, in 5th grade, the dissapearing pencils caused multiple teachers to say that we have no more pencils, and everyone must carry their own utencils in their backpacks.

Now, when community service came up, I knew I had to do something about respecting materials. Recently Mr.Michael, the tech teacher, taught us how to use an online software called PowToon to make animated videos. I wanted to make videos, to not get overlooked, like the people who make posters that just get ripped up and walked past and made fun of. And the website, that was just when I was done with all 4 videos (this was before I got a letter back from Mr.Michael), and I had nothing to do, so I came up with this idea, and it turned into what you are seeing right now!

Project Summary

Around the beginning of community service, I wrote letters, one to Ms.Donna asking for information about the prices of materials, and one to Mr.Michael asking for a computer to work on, and other info on prices, this time for computers.

In the later weeks, I had to wait for a computer to work on, so I couldn't do much work. Furthermore, I got a reply from Ms.Donna saying I had to reasearch prices on my own, another big problem.

But, when Mr.Michael put 3 computers into the classroom, I started reasearching costs of classroom materials, and later working on powtoons, or videos, for my service. But, my letter did not come back from Mr.Michael and I had to cancel my "computers" video.

I worked on my videos for several periods, about a month. Then, when I was done with all four videos, I made this website for it so people could access the videos.

As I was making this website, I finally got a reply so I made a "computers" for this and added it to this website.

On December 8th, Mrs.Ferguson agreed to show the class the videos. But, we did not have time, and every other period before Monday December 15th, we did not have time. But on the 15th we finally had time to present the videos. The teacher asked me what made me think about making these videos, but I didn't get any constructive feedback I hoped for. The teacher stopped the students questions before I could answer them. And I only got around to showing the class the first two videos, so I hope I can share the rest before christmas

Since my project was done, I just kept updating my site, and started joining the 5th Grade Newspaper and made a site for them, and in December 16th, the famous group Call of the Dark Spirits, working on a card game for players to play during indoor recess.

Successes and Callenges

-When Mr.Michael put computers into the classroom
-When Mr.Michael (finally!) gave me computer prices, allowing me to make my "computers" powtoon
-Early finish with videos so that this thing could exist
-At first there were no computers
-When I had to research the prices for my videos
-Mr.Michal answered very late to my letter

Check out my website! Report on project