Tungsten: It'l Light Up Your Day!

What Can Tungsten Do?

  It was used in incandescent bulbs for a long time, but was phased out because
it generated more heat than light. Use it for heat lamps!

  Tungsten has the HIGHEST melting point of all metals, so it is mixed with some
metals to make them stronger, and is also used in welding (melting metals together)

  Tungsten Carbide (Tungsten + Carbon, WC) is a very popular metal that is used
in many applications including: Cutting Tools, Ammunition, Mining, Sports, Tires,
Jewlery, And More!

  Tungsten was discovered in 1783 by Juan and Fausto Elhuyar. The name comes
  from the sweedish words "tung" and "sten", which mean heavy and stone.
  Originally it was called Wolfram, for the tungsten mineral Wolframite

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